Speed Up Your Sales Cycle With Our Secret Weapon: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the secret weapon we pull out of our arsenal to help our clients speed up sales. No, not the paid version – the free one. Steal our secrets below. 1. Identify your best potential clients. Sales and marketing work best when highly targeted. As an experienced leader, you know your ideal clients: which .. read more

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Step Up: Push Now To Grow Your Business This Year

The summer’s over. You’ve gone on your vacation, relaxed with family or friends – or not – and it’s back to work. Your clients are asking for additional projects, services or help. Your staff is back on full-day Fridays. Now, it’s time to collect your thoughts and push yourself to make real progress on your .. read more

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No Time For Marketing: How To Market In Minutes

Too busy serving customers to polish up your website, online profile, or post on LinkedIn? You’re not alone. It’s crucial to conduct marketing now to build a steady stream of customers three, six and nine months from now. Here are three shortcuts to maximize every minute you spend on your marketing. Do less.  The key is fewer, .. read more

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Ready To Grow? Bring It On!

Ah, spring. Growth is in the air. All of our business owners are eager to expand. Look, we like growth just as much as the next person – okay, more than most! But, before you kick it into high gear, lay the foundation. Quality, quality, quality. Nothing kills your business faster than hiring subpar staff .. read more

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Stealing Marketing Tactics To Win At Sales

To get a potential client to sign faster, use a little marketing magic. Sure, marketing’s first job is to attract customers. But our second job is to support sales: to increase the number of customers who say yes, and to shorten the time between first contact and signing on the dotted line. Here is how .. read more

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Marketing Mistakes That Are Killing Your Margins

You’ve got no time, no budget, and no energy to revise your marketing tactics or rewrite your marketing plan. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we have heard it all before. Those excuses are costing you customers and cold, hard cash. Last week, a new client confided that he was afraid he was wasting 50% of his marketing budget. But, .. read more

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Step Back, Unplug, And Unwind

This holiday season, just don’t do it. Work, that is. Take a break and have a little fun, instead. Here are all the reasons why it’s a fantastic idea to walk away from your computer, tablet and smartphone: The case for a vacation: gain perspective Travel brings insight – especially travel abroad Connect with those outside your .. read more

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The Benefit Of A Second Opinion

Collaborate. Get a partner. Ask for input. Find a mentor. Who has time for that, anyway? If you don’t, you’re selling yourself – and your business – short. It’s much, much too easy keep moving forward the way things have been. What happens then: you don’t see the mistakes you’re making. Which means, your business .. read more

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The Race Is On

December 31st is less than four months away. It’s time to take a few minutes to think through where you want your business to be at the end of this year. Dream big! You’ve got enough time to make some important changes. Start by asking: What’s Holding You Back? Wait a second. Let’s start with .. read more

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Pursue Potential Customers Or Seek Professional Referrals?

Most business owners feel that they should spend time getting referrals from other professionals, while also marketing directly to potential customers. But that’s not right for small businesses. Marketing to other professionals for referrals or marketing to potential customers is a strategic decision that every small business needs to make. More efficient, profitable marketing means .. read more

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